13 10 / 2012

"Something easier doesn’t mean that it’s better"


14 6 / 2012

Beyonce made me feel this song so much….i Love it!!! Amazing words and Amazing delivery

05 6 / 2012

"Words of the day: Clarity and Gentleness"

Tracie Ellis Ross

04 6 / 2012

I get on twitter and browse and a friend of mine is having a rant about being faithful and religion. My stand on the whole thing is simple, it depends on the individual. Being faithful is a choice. You can choose to have self-control or not and “LOVE” everyone. He stated that the idea of being faithful goes back to Religious beliefs. Now, I’m not the most religious person in the world but I do believe in God and LOVE. When dealing with someone that you love, you respect them, cherish them, care for them…the same way you do your relationship with God. Saying that I’m gonna be faithful because I believe in God is totally wrong, I’m gonna be faithful because when something is deeper than the surface or convenience its not worth losing off of a seasonal interaction. Yes, people slip up and fall out of love, etc… Being faithful has many layers, so you gotta be honest. I believe in faithfulness and monogamy but I don’t like weddings, I just feel like people put too much emphasis on the event and not the actual union (wouldn’t mind a destination wedding somewhere on an island, just me & my love, Morgan and the family & close friends LOL) BTW: he doesn’t believe in faithfulness and monogamy -_-

04 6 / 2012

04 6 / 2012

04 6 / 2012

"I am the captain of my ship. I take suggestions and listen to what everyone has to say, but the final decision is mine ~Michael Jackson"

03 6 / 2012

I just want someone to eat dim sum w on Sunday, then maybe go to farmers&flea mkt, adventure a little, then collapse into bed. Let’s do that

25 5 / 2012

Everything isn’t always going to go as you planned. I’m a person that analyzed everything and if it isn’t perfect when its supposed to be I don’t want it at all. Today marks a day of clarity. I can’t manage everything. Sometimes you have to have FAITH that things will work out, for the best! And not just to sound profound and “intelligent” but really have faith!

23 5 / 2012

Diana Ross
Tracee Ellis Ross
Jhene Aiko
Amel Larrieux
Brad Goreski
Crystal Streets
Tia Mowry


Last but not least…Morgan!!! My precious gift I received on September 26th!!! :D

These people and “things” all inspire me…..can’t live a day without it. Whether I’m listening to their music, reading their tweets, watching their movies, googling them, writing, dancing, talking, etc…I LOVE these things and they all make me who I am!